The lord of the engagement ring: the story of the only love j. R. R. Tolkien

His books became a classic, and films on them were included in the Golden Fund of World Cinema. January 3, Tolkien fans celebrate his birthday. Family Psychotherapist Jason Waring talks about the great love of the English writer and about the woman who has become his muse for life.

The works of John Ronald Ruela Tolkien are read all over the world. His hobbits, gnomes and other fantastic characters changed the face of world literature and culture. But what we know about the greatest love in his life?

“It was an extraordinary child who showed amazing talents. He loved myths and legends, play chess, draw dragons, and by nine invented several languages, ”says family psychotherapist Jason Witing, author of the book about relations. – Everyone knows that he was gifted, but few people know what an incorrigible romantic was Tolkien. His book “Beren and Lutien” was published in 2017, decades after the death of the author, but tells the story close to his heart ”. It’s about the story of love and self -sacrifice, which Tolkien has inspired a passion

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for his wife Edith.

Friendship overgrown into love

Tolkien grew in England in the early 1900s in difficult circumstances, having lost his father and mother in a height of adolescence. The catholic priest Francis, the young Ronald, was lonely and showed a tendency to contemplation and thoughts. At 16, he moved to a small apartment with his brother. A girl who changed Ronald’s life lived in the same house.

Edith Brett by that time was already 19 years old. She had light gray eyes and musical abilities. Ronald fell in love and managed to arouse mutual interest in Edith. The story of the girl’s friendship with the Brothers Tolkins began. Wating describes how Ronald opened the window and lowered the basket down on the rope, and Edith loaded it with snacks, feeding orphans. “Such a rapid devastation of grocery reserves must have been intrigued by Mrs. Folkner, the guardian of the girl, since Edith was slim and miniature, and her height was only 152 centimeters.”.

English “Romeo and Juliet”

Edith and Ronald spent more and more time together. They knew how to laugh each other and fool around-for example, meeting in a tea on the roof of the house in Birmingham, threw pieces of sugar into the hats of passers-by.

Their communication seriously concerned the vigilant father of Francis and Mrs. Folkner, whom the couple appropriated the nickname “This Old Lady”. “The Guardians of Morality” considered relations inappropriate and were upset that Ronald skipped his studies. Inventive lovers came up with a conditional whistle, which served to call the call sign to chat through the windows at night.

Of course, prohibitions and obstacles did not stop them, I just had to make efforts for conspiracy. One weekend Ronald and Edith agreed to meet in the village. And although they observed precautions and even returned separately, one of the acquaintances noticed them and informed Francis to Father. And since at about the same time Tolkien did not pass the entrance exams to Oxford, his guardian categorically insisted on a break with Edith and that the young man finally concentrated on studying.






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